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Why Red Tractor?

Last updated: 17 Sep 2013

Red Tractor logo - Trust the TractorRed Tractor is the only assurance scheme in the UK that covers the entire supply chain from egg to fork, with standards focusing on animal health and welfare but also food safety and hygiene, traceability and staff training.
The Red Tractor logo on-pack means your chicken has met these robust and responsible production standards and is traceable back to independently inspected chicken farms in the UK.

Animal health and welfare are core principles of British poultry production. Red Tractor standards go even further than UK and EU requirements because bird animal welfare is so important to the industry. 
Our chickens are reared in ventilated sheds, with access to high quality feed and fresh water. Farm staff are dedicated to their birds and work hard to ensure they’re in good health. 

What is the Trust the Tractor campaign?

Trust The Tractor is a national campaign that aims to maintain consumer trust in their food by raising awareness of the assurance benefits that the Red Tractor logo provides and getting shoppers to actively look for the Red Tractor logo on their food.

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